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Our Services

We are your solution!!!


We offer a unique and dynamic experience to our clients. Our application Clear, is designed to deliver seamless proxy integration services. We work with our clients to tailor Clear application to their specifications and needs. Clear is an integrated process application that can interface with other applications or serve as a standalone. Clear capabilities include Project collaboration, Project Management, Financial management and forecast, logistic management.

Project Management Ultimate

Clear provides our clients the ability to set up mobile centralized projects. With Clear, clients can view the completion rate of a project. Project leads can assign departments or individuals and staffs with task. Set a deadline for each task and monitor the task progress. This is an effective for project optimization and process improvement. Contact us today and let us offer you the power of Clear.

Financial/Budget Management Ultra

We understand the complex nature of having multiple projects operating at different financial stages. With Clear Ultra feature our clients have the ability to centralize individual financial projects. Our clients are able to assess burn rate, forecast financial layouts. An excellent tool for annual business plan. We are your solution.

Training (Remote and Mobile Training)

With the popularity of teleworking at an ultimate high, there has been a growing need continuous training. Clear training features a mobile training guide that provides step by step guidance from daily routine tasks to complex and advance task. We consult with your team to mobilize existing procedures or establish new ones. We are your solution.


Our improvement console provides proxy integration service. Clients can integrate their web proxy between departments or intra locations. This creates a secured platform for max network visibility. With the achievement of extended network visibility, it makes possible for spans web proxies and early detection of malicious threats within the network. Our improvement console SHIFT is designed to integrate existing IT infrastructures making it seamless to monitor huge amounts of data for possible threats. We are your solution.