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Kay-Jay Solutions is an organization that uses technology mobility to help the staffs of a company to work from different remote locations and complete a collaborative project.

Project Collaboration is the process where project teams can overcome the boundaries of department, distance and position to bring about a centralized communication for the successful completion of a project. For this, you need the help of an established organization. Day by day, the demand for project collaboration is increasing. With the limited office space available and due to globalization, it is becoming very difficult for the companies to have enough resources to achieve physical unification of team members. Hence, tele-working and remote location working are gaining popularity due to their usefulness. At Kay-Jay solution, we help you to achieve this with our advanced web application and provide you quality service for the development of your business.

For a successful project management, proper web applications are required. At Kay-Jay Solutions, we have our exclusive web applications- Numbers by Clear and Clear Collaborations which will help you to collaborate your projects.

Our Features of Service


Project Management tools

For a successful project, the project manager and the management team require some advanced tools such as Project Plan, Milestone Checklist, Project Management Software, Project Reviews and Performance Analysis.

Project Financing

It is the financing of infrastructure of project based on the cash flow and balance sheets. At Kay Jay Solutions, we provide many project financing tools using financial management tools.

Budget and Financial Forecast

We help you to evaluate the present and future fiscal policies and handle the finance of an organization.

Logistic Management

It is a kind of supply chain management. It helps in planning and execution of a movement and storage and transmission of proper resources and information.


Training forms an important and integral part of every project.


Work Continuity


Our application CLEAR provides you the luxury of continuous workflow without interruptions. Clear provides insightful forecast features like burn rates and scheduled payment. An effective tool for decision making.

Project Optimization


CLEAR gives our clients a clear state of their projects and they are able to find bottlenecks and optimize their resources. You are able to arrange your projects systematic flow and customize to what you prefer.

Supervised and progress estimations


With CLEAR our clients have complete control of their data and can edit and make amendments as needed. They get complete financial status of a project. The business intelligence feature provides an effective tool track the financial progress of it project. The schedule payment feature is a dynamic tool which allows clients the luxury of anticipated payment.

Simplifies Project Processing


CLEAR is a user friendly application and the future of financial project management. The features are well defined making usable and effective with clients from different industries and background.

Improved work performance and efficiency


CLEAR provides a systematic approach to project management financing. The income and expense gives our clients a clear idea of the income and expense associated with a product. This helps management make critical business decisions. The invoiced and actual features provide clients a visual idea of the profit margin of a project.

Turnaround time.


Time can never be over emphasized, With CLEAR, all you see is clear numbers. The application is designed for the modern professional and firms challenged with scheduled payments and project durations.

Low vision users feature.


CLEAR is designed with dynamic concept tailored with bright colors to help distinguish keys patterns.

KJSC is a Small Disadvantaged, Minority and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

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